Experience the Middle Kingdom and Chinese culture in a unique way.

Go on a gastronomic safari in Beijing's finest restaurants or inside the Forbidden city, or host a glamorous 1920's Shanghai cocktail party in a private art gallery.

Discover the contemporary, stylish & heritage-rich China in off-the-beaten track boutique hotels, towns and countryside villages of Sichuan (click here) and Yunnan.

Escape to Northern China Shanxi and Ningxia provinces for an original VIP stay at China's #1 winery, Grace Vineyard, a luxury property making 90+ rated wines.

Wander with your local guide through traditional hutongs, ancient pagodas and sky-high towers, meeting with tribes or Chinese businessmen.

Indulge in Hainan's Sanya island, the Hawaii of China, with a myriad of beach resorts, and enjoy from water sports to golf at Mission Hills.

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