Embrace an off-the-beaten-path nomadic journey through Kazakhstan.

Follow your private guide in Almaty city, between its 100-year old Zenkov Cathedral, the sparkling new shopping malls and busy nightlife.

Escape to Ile-Alatau National Park's beautiful nature, flowers and wildlife, and the former Russian Olympic skating rink of Medeo on the hills of Almaty.

Host an event in the capital Astana, sponsor of Tour de France's winning team, Palace of Peace, Bayterek tower - and discover Central Asian Islam in the gorgeous Mosques.

Why not take skiing in the nation's #1 resort, Shymbulak with its 20 km of slopes, or Ak-Bulak-Talgar in the Southeastern part?

Top your trip with the rustic yet authentic Bacchus winery and brandy distillery, and local delicacies like beshbarmak dish in the finest restaurant.

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