Head to a Norway experience like no other.

Fulfill a longtime dream seeing the Northern Lights: admire the Aurora Borealis from the Northern part of Norway between Tromso and Lofoten between September and March, with a dinner under the Northern Lights.

Travel among the beautiful fjords from Geiranger to Stavanger as you cross spectacular mountains and lakes at Stavanger, Lysefjord, Preikestolen (Pulpit's Rock) from your helicopter, cruise ship or 4-wheel drive.

Take on an icy journey from Bergen to Olden and Briksdal Glacier as you actually walk on the glacier and go trekking in Stryn, before celebrating with fresh salmon and aquavit, Norway's water of life spirit.

Visit the treasures of Oslo, Lillehammer and Dovre: Dovre's reindeers, muscus and eagles for animal lovers, Olympic sites of Lillehammer for sport fanatics, local folk culture and why not the Nobel Prize in Oslo!

Venture to the extreme North in Spitsbergen as you touch the Arctic in the archipelago of the country, Svalbard, enjoy the midnight sun and the abundant wildlife from polar bears to giant whales.

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