Traveling for business with little time to spare? Enjoy the most efficient and rewarding day or weekend away, whether your meeting is in Paris, Frankfurt, London, Beijing, Sydney or elsewhere.


- Close your laptop and board our private car transfer or the soonest jet or train arranged for you

- Step out in the garden and inhale the air of nature (instead of meeting room) while we unload your suitcase

- Enjoy the delicious dinner and unwind overnight at the private property undisturbed by other guests.


- Wake up at the sound of singing birds by the vineyards, the beach or simply natural landscape

- Enjoy your own program of activity where you are taken care of: guided tour, wine tour, cooking class, fashion tour, art galleries, factory visit, golf, yoga, spa and more (see below for options)

- Relax in downtime without wifi and disconnected from the world and work

- Taste local dishes and spend the night listening to jazz by the fireplace.


- Wake up at the smell of warm croissants and freshly brewed coffee

- Enjoy a efficient morning activity of your choice nearby your hotel (see below for options)

- In the meantime we take care on your behalf for buying gifts and souvenirs for your family and coworkers

- Board your car, jet or train transfer arranged for you, to go slowly go back to reality and your business week.

*WEEKEND ESCAPE IDEAS (available on weekend):*

> Wine Tasting Tour, with cellar visits by house ambassador, tasting by wine expert and lunch at winery

> Cooking Workshop, going to the fresh market, learning how to cook a dish or dessert and enjoying the meal

> Fashion / Jewelry Shopping, with a styling specialist for models, or a butler & hands-free VIP service

> Factory Tour: craftsmanship at a watch manufacture, sword or crystal maker, fashion studio or shoe maker

> Art Gallery Tour: enter private galleries to find rare paintings, antiques, architecture guided by an art expert

> Wellness & Outdoor: indulge into spa and massage, try yoga or meditation, go for a golf clinic or round...

> Available round the world in: Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, London, Geneva, Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and other cities upon request

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