Reward your most valuable customers with exceptional trips that your competitors cannot even offer, like a VIP cocktail at the world's tallest tower in Dubai or a real F1 pilot experience with a championship team near Monaco.

Motivate and retain your "high potential", best-performing employees with fantastic experience gifts and prizes, from a fine wine tasting tour in France, to a special dinner with a sushi master in Japan, or a full travel package to New Zealand.

Grow your leadership by stepping outside of conventional meeting rooms, as you take the team on "behind the scenes" workshop at a luxury watch factory in Switzerland or set the board meeting in 2,000 year old caves in France.

Show recognition for loyalty of clients with one-of-a-kind events reflecting your business values at home or overseas, be it an exclusive Michelin dinner with 100 year old wines or the best VIP seat at UEFA Football Final or Golf Masters.

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