Welcome inside the shadow world where wonders are created and dreams materialized.

Our experiences invite you to discover and learn behind-the-scenes of iconic people and famous brands. It's all about passion, hands and skills at:

> Factory VIP Visit: step into the world of Porsche in Germany, Havana cigars in Cuba, Lego in Denmark, Murano glass in Italy and other production facilities.

> Watch Manufacture & Jewelry Workshop Tour: discover the heritage behind Patek Philippe or Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland and step in a diamond mine in South Africa.

> Winery & Distillery Tour: meet the makers of Dom Perignon in France, Macallan whisky in Scotland, Penfolds in Australia and boutique family estates.

> Fashion Atelier & Design Studio Visit: encounter haute couture workshops like Chanel, leather shoe makers, perfume artisans and art studios in Milan or Provence.

> Farms & Chef Restaurants Discovery: experience Truffle hunting in Italy, dining in the kitchen of Alain Ducasse, or imagine yourself at the chocolate factory.

> Monuments VIP Tour: see the mechanics of Eiffel Tower, the backstage of Opera House in Paris or a submarine in Moscow and the underground of Colosseum in Rome.

> Sports Stadiums Visits: feel the biggest sensations in the arcanes of Wimbledon or Old Trafford in England, Camp Nou in Spain or Olympic sites in Beijing or Calgary.

> Spy Experiences: complete a secret rescue mission in the UK, Russia or Australia that involves car chase, sky jump, decoding, shooting and other challenges.

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