Discover unique artistic experiences around the world with the creative itineraries curated for you by our art & travel experts. Here a sample for your imagination.

Your itinerary is carefully planned to show you the most beautiful Design & Art Hotels in Spain or China and award- winning architecture wineries in Europe and America.

Capture in photos the fields of Provence painted by Van Gogh and Cezanne. You now enjoy a private tour of art galleries and antiques in Paris or Florence.

After a behind-the-scenes visit of the Opera House into the secret lives of performers, you seat at the front row of Andrea Bocelli's one and only concert in his hometown.

Tomorrow you will attend the popular Jazz Festival in Burgundy or Tasmania and later celebrate your anniversary with Live Private Concert in the vineyards of Champagne.

Fully inspired, it's your turn to Paint in our Art Studio in Italy, join an art auction in Paris and attend a Latino Dance Workshop in Spain or Argentina to learn salsa and tango.

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