Taste the world's best food and travel to eat on foodie adventures designed for you by our food & travel experts. Here a sample trip menu.

Undoubtedly the best appetizer you've ever had. Greeted by the Michelin Star Chef, you are hungry for the main dish which has been slow-cooked followed by an amazing cart of desserts.

You reward yourself after a fantastic farm stay: from the colorful fruit stalls of France and fish markets of Asia, you enjoyed truffle hunting and tomato picking in Italy.

Lunch is a fun picnic in French or Australian vineyards or at the locals' favorite secret bistrot not mentioned in any guidebook.

Now you learn how to make Italian pasta and French macarons for a day at an Awarded School or a Traditional Farm.

Next week a special culinary treat awaits you: a Certified Cook will come to your villa for a private Cooking Lesson on how to pair wine and food. Perfect for your birthday party and gala dinner.

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