"All our guests enjoyed the evening so much! Your company really does a different kind of events!"

Head of Marketing, Luxury Car Brand (HK, June 2016)

"The best annual VIP client networking event we've done in 15 years!"

CEO, Global Financial Institution (Hong Kong, Mar 2016)

"Feedback has been great! Perfectly organized, entertaining, in two languages and with a great touch!"

GM, Europe Top 3 Investment Bank (Seoul, Nov 2015)

“I have never attended an experience like this in more than 30 years in the industry!”

CEO, Consumer Goods & Wine firm (Shanghai, May 2015)

"Absolutely fantastic, so glad I joined! Amazing wines, food, speaker... Can't wait for the next one!"

Head Industry Practice, Medical group (HK, Jan 2015)

"Totally convinced. Reserve your schedule for our next board meeting in Spring next year, we want you there"

MD, Fortune 100 Insurance firm (Hong Kong, Dec 2014)

"Thank you so much, only you could pull out such an escape to our business trip!"

VP, Leading Global Bank (France, Aug 2014)

"The best team building event we ever had"

Team Head, Fortune 100 Tech firm (Shenzhen, Nov 2013)

"We had a wonderful night, our guests enjoyed so much!"

VP, HK listed Financial firm (Hong Kong, July 2013)

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