About our travel experiences:

"Everything was more than perfect, the attention to detail, the assistance, the activities... Looking forward to our next experience with you!"
Christine (Feb 2017)

"Words can't express how thankful I am (...) I could not have asked for a better experience than with your company!"
Mr. Cross (May 2016)

"The tour arrangement, winery visits and wine tasting were exceptional! (...) Thank you for catering all the ad hoc requests."
Mrs. Toh (Oct 2015)

"We had the time of our lives !"
Mrs. Chow (June 2015)

"Perfect experience! An executive option for those who are too busy to make own holiday planning"
Dr. Chan & partner (Jan 2015)

"We had an amazing time cruising around Bordeaux! My friends and I would like to thank you sincerely for arranging this exclusive itinerary"
Mr. Kluz and co -workers (Oct 2014)

"Thank you so much, only you could pull out such an escape to our business trip (...) Extremely pleased with the entire experience. This Michelin star and that little bistro were to die for! "
Mr. Kim, Europe Top 3 Bank (Aug 2014)

"Everything from the hot air balloon to the pastry baking and the spa in the chateau was incredible. Even better than what we imagined"
Ms. Wu (HNWI) & a group of 8 ladies (June 2014)

"Thank you for the perfect arrangements and all the lovely surprises on our honeymoon!”
Mr. & Mrs. Ryu (Nov 2013)

"A big applause, our clients were extremely happy and we are glad to have offered them something really special with this exclusive wine holiday. Let's plan for the next one!"
Mr. Go, Director of Top Wine Importer (October 2013)

"An amazing trip experience that we’ll never forget. It was terrific! Unique treats in all the top chateaux"
Mr. Waite & friends (September 2013)

About our events:

"It was an incredible event, we are all so delighted!"
CEO, Innovative Tech Firm (Hong Kong, Nov 2016)”

"The best annual VIP client networking event we've done in 15 years!"
CEO, Global Financing firm (Hong Kong, Mar 2016)”

"Feedback has been great! Perfectly organized, entertaining, in two languages and with a great touch. Let's do another one"
GM, Europe Top 3 Investment Bank (Seoul, Nov 2015)”

"Thank you to the team for doing such a great job!"
Head Corporate Affairs, Chinese Aviation firm (Hong Kong, Aug 2015)”

“I have never attended an experience like this in more than 30 years in the industry!”
CEO, Consumer Goods & Wine Trading firm (Shanghai, May 2015)”

"Absolutely fantastic, so glad I joined! Amazing wines, amazing food, amazing speaker... Can't wait for the next one!"
Head Industry Practice, top Medical group (Hong Kong, Jan 2015)

"Totally convinced. Reserve your schedule for our next board meeting in Spring next year, we want you there"
MD, Fortune 100 Insurance firm (Hong Kong, Dec 2014)

"Without you, I could never have been so close to all the things I love..., thank you so much"
Mr. Tan, VIP (Hong Kong, Oct 2014)

"The best team building event we ever had",
Team Head, Fortune 100 Technology firm (Shenzhen, Nov 2013)

"We had a wonderful night, our guests enjoyed so much!",
VP, HK Top 100-listed Financial firm (Hong Kong, July 2013)